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About Us

Roxy's Ice Cream Truck is a Special Events Ice Cream Truck.

What is the difference between other soft serve trucks and Roxy's Soft Serve?
We use the Best Premium soft serve mix and highest cream %, which we CUSTOMIZE to our high standards. You will taste the difference.
We do not pump air into our ice cream. You will feel the difference in weight.

Remember the paint store commercial a few years ago? "We ain't just paint"?
Well, "we ain't just soft serve", we also carry the frozen prepackaged licensed characters kids love. In addition we serve shaved ices in big flower cups where you pick the syrup you like.

Our state of the art machines are constantly being cleaned.
We are not the typical dirty Ice Cream Truck you see running around the streets and haunting your neighborhood day & night.
We specialize in Corporate Events, Weddings, Concerts, Large Parties, Fairs, Festivals, Hampton's Events, etc.

We do not charge per hour, we charge per serving. We stay till you tell us to go home. No stress with a time limit. We have a cash register on our truck so we can keep exact count as to the number of servings that go out our serving window.

We are located in Oakdale on the extreme South Shore, Suffolk County. Mileage can be a factor.

Looking to have a Catering Food Truck & Ice Cream? As a nice addition, we can recommend the best Food Trucks to make your Ice Cream Event even more deluxe.

Let us make your event memorable. Please email or call us to discuss further details

Call 631-445-1565


  • Corporate Events
  • Large Parties
  • Hampton Events
  • Weddings
  • Large Sporting Events

Rep/Contact Info

Elaine Piotrowski